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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Does my shed come with a floor?

Your shed doesn’t come with a floor. We recommend all sheds be bolted to a concrete slab that is rebated. An alternative to a concrete slab is our timber flooring kit.

We offer the service of contructing the concrete slab for you or we can assemble the timber floor kit.


Question: Does my shed come with fixtures to bolt to a concrete slab?

Is it recommended that you include the anchor set (fixtures) in your order. To add this to your order just simply select this option on the product page.


Question: Does the timber floor come with screws to bolt my shed to it?

If you choose to use a timber flooring base, Sheds N More will install this for you.


Question: Do I need to bolt my shed to the ground?

This is highly recommended.


Question: How can I make my shed water proof?

Extreme weather conditions make it difficult to keep water from entering the shed through gaps, doorways and entries. Best way to prevent this from happening is to rebate your concrete slab and use rubber seals which can be purchased from your local hardware store. The use of silicon around the base of the shed and in the channel system may increase the chances of water being trapped inside your shed.


Question: What tools will I need to erect my shed?

No need to do any of the installation yourself. Sheds N More full service includes FREE HOME DELIVERY and INSTALLATION.


Question: Does my shed require council approval?

Most sheds 3m squared and above, do require council approval. Best to check with your local council before purchasing.

We can assist you with the building permit.


Question: Can I make changes to the design of my shed?

All sheds are designed and engineered to Australian Standards. Once you modify the product you void warranty.


Question: If I have a missing or damaged part, what do I do?

Sheds N More will take full care of this as part of their full installation service.


Question: Can I disassemble my shed if I need to move?

Answer: Yes, Absco sheds can be disassembled. Simply unscrew and slid off all channeling. It can be disassembled back to panel or further to kit form. Then simply re assemble when needed. If you lose your instruction manual we can email, post or fax you one asap. Alternatively we do offer to re assemble these for you but it will come at an extra cost.