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Our Warranty

Sheds n More is committed to offering quality products at great prices to our customers. That is why we guarantee our products with our fantastic warranty.
Please read further details.


1. Agreement to Sell and Purchase

In consideration of payment in accordance with the terms as set out in this quote Sheds n More (the vendour) agrees to sell and the Purchaser agrees to purchase the kit which comprises the various items noted on this quote on terms as set out hereunder.

2. Price and Associated Costs

(a) A deposit of 25% of the price (the deposit) is payable upon acceptance of this quote. The deposit is payable before the kit is ordered. If the customer cancels the order the deposit is refundable at the managers discretion an administration fee may be applied. The deposit is only refundable if kit has not been ordered from the suppliers.

(b) Payments using credit cards (visa, master card or bankcard) will incur a 3% administration fee.

(c) This quote is valid for 21 days or until a flyer ending date. If this quote has expired and you wish to proceed any price increases will be applied.

3. Passing of Risk

(a) Risk in the goods shall pass to the purchaser upon delivery of the kit to the designated location (“the designated location”),nominated by the purchaser or on collection of the goods by the purchaser or its agent, or courier, as the case may be.

(b) Quantities and condition of material must be checked by the purchaser on delivery. Any shortage or damage must be noted on the delivery docket at the time of delivery. Unless noted on the delivery docket no claim will be recognized.

4. Purchaser’s Covenant

The purchaser acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to pay for all building permits, all required insurance, all charges and fee levied with respect to the erection of the kit at the designated location.

5. Variation of Order

(a) The purchaser acknowledges that the kit will be ordered on the day of deposit and that it is not possible to change the order after that date.

(b) The purchaser agrees to pay for all the costs incurred by the vendor if for any reason the purchaser will not take delivery of the kit.

6. Conditional Offer

(a) The purchase acknowledges the quotation overleaf is an offer by the vendor to sell the kit as specified and is conditional upon approval by the Vendor

(b) All times quoted are estimates only. The vendor shall not be liable to the purchaser or any other person in any manner whatsoever as a result of failure or delay in delivering the materials by the estimated times. The vendor will treat the estimated dates as targets and will make every reasonable effort to meet them.

7. Construction Specifications

(a) The purchaser acknowledges that the kit is to be erected as per standard engineering, a copy of which will be provided on request to the purchaser.

(b) Products supplied may vary from those displayed or previously supplied. The vendor will change designs and products from time to time, as it requires.

8. Design

The vendor supplies all buildings on an ex works basis, designed in accordance with the current edition of AS1170.2. Accessories manufactured by others are selected on the performance data provided to the vendor and are the responsibility of those manufacturers. All reasonable effort has been made to design, manufacture and supply the correct components and quantities; however the client or client.

9. Customers Site

The vendor shall upon signing the contract have the license and authority to enter the site during daylight hours without further notice to the purchaser for the purpose of carrying the Contract into effect. The vendor or its sub-contractors shall not be liable for any damage caused to nay pile, cable, path or driveway, lawn, other structures or vegetation.
10. Delivery

(a) The vendor will not accept any liability arising from loss or damage sustained by any carrier other than the vendors.

(b) No claim for damage will be recognized unless submitted within (5) days of receipt of materials in writing.

(c) Where access to the site is deemed difficult or unsafe by the delivery driver, the goods will be set down as close as practical to the site as the drivers discretion and the purchaser shall relocate the materials at no cost to the vendor.

(d) The purchaser before delivery must provide a map showing directions to the site and identify site with suitable markers.

(e) The purchaser will be responsible for the covering and securing of all materials on site against weather, damage and/or theft.

(f) The site must be perfectly flat & level or a re-delivery fee will apply of a minimum charge of $110.00- $250.

11. Erection

Prices are estimated for clean, dry accessible site on level ground. Extra charges may apply for crane, generator, underground obstacles,re delivery and erecting in to corner/s, concrete breaking or cartage, machine digging/boring and any reasonable variance. Rubbish and soil to remain on site. Concrete and erected kits are not guaranteed or insured by Sheds n More. Erect and concrete costs are paid to independent sub-contractors. Sheds n More takes no responsibility regarding work or costs of sub-contractors. For work at low levels such as sheds and single garages, some marking is inevitable and the consumer must accept minor scratching. Fabricators and erectors will ensure that maximum care is taken to protect pre-painted steel surfaces from damage.

12. Warranty

Requests for written warranties must be made to the original manufacturer.

13. Disclaimer

Any advise, recommendation, information, assistance or service provided by the vendor, it Important: Customers must check their local council for permit requirements. All sheds over 10m All sheds must be securely anchored. If you have an existing slab we can anchor it down. If not, ask about alternative options, as we take no responsibility for unanchored sheds I understand and accept the terms and conditions, acknowledge and authorize final payment will be made via I the customer have been made aware by Sheds n More of the requirement for a permit to be obtained by me where sheds excess 10m.